Featured Speakers

Parth Amin


SLK Software

Jane Possell


CNA Insurance

Vidur Amin


Avo Automation

Nick Donofrio

IBM Fellow Emeritus and EVP Innovation & Technology (Retired)

Dr. Jagdish Bhandarkar


Avo Automation

Pascal Bornet

IRPA AI Senior Advisor

Former McKinsey Head of AI & Automation

Hosted by IRPA AI

Daniel Goodstein



We are excited to invite you to a first-ever State of Automation event on Wednesday October 14th at 11:00 AM PDT. This is a unique event featuring IRPA AI members, automation experts, and leaders in Business, Finance, HR, Operations, and IT.

You’ll hear our thought leaders explain how automation reduces manual tasks, enables delivery of higher quality products, and improves customer experience.

As a featured case study, Jane Possell, the CIO at CNA Insurance, will share how she’s already achieving 50% time savings and improving the customer experience with top-quality automation.


The state of automation – Pascal Bornet, IRPA AI Senior Advisor, Former McKinsey Head of AI & Automation

CEO perspective – 20-year journey & what’s next – Parth Amin, CEO, SLK Software

Introducing automation next – Vidur Amin, CEO, Avo Automation  

Customer case study – Jane Possell, SVP & CIO, CNA Insurance  

Automating the automation – present and future – Dr. Jagdish Bhandarkar, CTO, Avo Automation  

Summary of opportunity & next steps – Nick Donofrio, IBM Fellow Emeritus and EVP Innovation & Technology (Retired)

Open room for questions and answers – Daniel Goodstein, President, IRPA AI    

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